Crochet & Knit Pattern Bundles- JUST FOR ME!

When the year ends and I look to the next with eager eyes and a clean slate, I want to be inspired with some new crochet and knit projects. I want to make something JUST FOR ME! (and a crochet & knit pattern bundles are fabulous to get me started)

I am not alone in this sentiment. So I joined 40 of my crochet designer colleagues and created the Crochet for Me Bundle. Then I joined joined 15 of my knit designer colleagues and created the Knit for Me Bundle.

The Crochet for Me Bundle is chock full of 56 individual patterns (while the Knit for Me Bundle as 28 individual patterns). Never before offered in a bundle or for free, that will give you a wide range of patterns that will suit you from head to toe.

All sorts of patterns are included from hats and earwarmers, to sweaters and shawls, a skirt, socks and slippers, and even a pillow for your lounging pleasure. There is a ton of selections in these crochet & knit pattern bundles!

The Just for Me- Crochet for Me Bundle

I have 3 designs in this limited edition bundle.

Dragon Scales Beaded Fingerless Gloves are a great project. Use only a bit of yarn, are adorned with beads to feel perfectly special.

Diamond Scales Fingerless Gloves

The Watershed Bruges Top helps take your crochet to another level. Created entirely in a single strip of Bruges lace, worked in a spiral all the way around the bodice.

Watershed Bruges Top

The Summer Rays Drop Stitch Wrap is takes your yarn to a new level. Created with a unique stitch, the Drop Stitch or Mock Hairpin Lace. There is no loom, no special tools, just your hook.

Summer Rays Drop Stitch Wrap

Get all 56 patterns featured in this bundle for only $27. That’s less than 50 cents per pattern! But the offer is only available through December 31, 2020, 11:59 PM Eastern, and it absolutely will not be extended nor repeated.


The Just for me- Knit for Me Bundle

I have 1 design in the Knit for Me Bundle, but it is a favorite. Interlude Shawl is a fabulous piece of lace. It works up with one skein on large needles to create a completely scrumptious design.

Interlude Knit Shawl

You get all 28 patterns featured in this bundle for only $17. That’s less than 61 cents per pattern! But the offer is only available through December 31, 2020, midnight Eastern, and it absolutely will not be extended nor repeated.


Want to see what else is included?

If you purchased these patterns individually they would cost you well over $200. Buying from a coalition of designers instead of a huge publisher, you know that your money is going where it’s needed; – into the pockets of your favorite designers so they can keep on creating the patterns you love to make.


If all of that is not enough to convince you you need this bundle here’s one more great thing. Gain access to the patterns you ALSO get a file with extra discount codes. Codes for additional products offered by some of our amazing designer friends. And there’s a 15 day money back guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

So spend some of that holiday cash, support the community that you love, then put your feet up and crochet something fabulous for yourself as you watch 2020 go out the door! You deserve it!

Don’t miss out! Time is Limited….these bundles are only available until the end of 2020….get Crochet for Me, Knit for Me or Both….

Just to be completely transparent….This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I receive compensation if you purchase using the above links.

At Long Last Interrupted! – Knit it! Crochet it!

People can be a bit surprised at how long it can take for a design to become a pattern, even when you are self-publishing. In some cases it can take up to a year; there is the design process that has you working out all the bugs, then writing the pattern and stitching the item (or maybe you stitch it first then write up the pattern), then you send it for review with a Technical editor to make sure that everything makes sense and can be understood (not everyone does this step, but it definitively makes a difference). Then it is into the world of photography, and lay out…then it is ready to upload and announce its introduction into the world. Did I mention that this happens while you are juggling any other contracts you may have in place? Or juggle the needs of your family? Or still attempting to create new ideas? Yes, it can take time.

Interrupted Shawl, knit version

Knit version of Interrupted

That is a bit of the history of Interrupted. The name may be a bit foretelling in its journey to being born into the world.  This design is another of my “Two in One”, meaning you get both a knit and a crochet version in the same pattern almost like a little bit of “something for everyone”. It actually got its name from the drop stitches that break the solid fabric pattern to create an airy feel. Both patterns are worked from the small point of a triangle outward, this makes for a great pattern that you can just use along with your yarn and end it when you think the size if correct for you.

Interrupted Shawl, crochet version

Crochet version of Interrupted

The solid fabric has a bit of texture, and that is the first thing people comment about them. The texture looks much more difficult than it is to execute, but when paired with dropped stitches it has a contrast that really highlights the textural differences. Check this design out for your self at either Craftsy or Ravelry.

Once again this design is pair with a Lickin Flames shawl pin, and Lisa Souza Yarn (Baby Alpaca Silk Petite…1 skein)…I love coming up with these one skein projects, and working with these two companies is always a joy. It really helps that they are such nice people, if you haven’t checked out their work, I really recommend it.