Treble Crochet V-Stitch Decrease

The Treble V-Stitch Decrease is one stitch that bridges the gap over several, and when crossed over additional Treble V-Stitch Decreases appears to create a unique braided effect. You are working this “braid” from the side, creating a “forward” and “backward” arm that set up the effect.

To begin you need to have a few rows of worked fabric, this works best on single crochet stitches as the stitches are short, and relatively square in shape, allowing for even placement of the Treble V-Stitch Decrease.


Working the first “arm” of the stitch, behind or in the opposite direction you are working the row.

Yarn over twice, as for a treble crochet, and insert the hook around the 2nd stitch to the right, 3 rows below as for a front post stitch, yarn over and pull through a loop. This create an “arm” that is “behind” or is working the opposite direction from the direction you are working in the row.


Leave 2 loops on the hook, now begin the next “arm”

Yarn over and pull through 2 loops, twice. Leaving remaining 2 loops on the hook.


Begin the second half of the stitch

Yarn over twice, insert hook around the 5th stitch to the left, three rows below. This will be in the same row as the other “arm”, but six stitches apart. Yarn over, pull through a loop.


Yarn over and pull through the last 3 loops on the hook.

Yarn over and pull through 2 loops, twice. Yarn over and pull through the last 3 stitches.


A completed Treble Crochet V- Stitch Decrease


A second Treble Crochet V- Stitch Decrease stitch in a different color, to highlight the cross over.

When multiple of these stitches are worked together, they will overlap, creating a braided effect.