Drop Stitch- Mock Hair Pin Lace

ScannedImageThis stitch is a 2 row pattern, that results in a fabric that resembles hairpin lace. It can be used in a wide array of fabrics and items, creating an airy feel without using a hairpin loom.

Loop pull

Slip stitch in indicated stitch and pull loop to desired height.

Setting height

Tip: To ensure even loops, insert hook in previous loops created and pull together. This also helps when working over an uneven row such as shells or fans, to help even up the fabric, however note that the loops may vary in length to compensate for the height of the stitches below.

Begin by inserting your hook into the indicated stitch. Then slip stitch (Yarn over, and pull through the stitch and the loop on hook). Pull this new loop on hook up to desired length. (Tip: to ensure that your loops are the same height, remove hook and insert to previously created loops on row and pull all loops together, this will help you to maintain a constant height. This also helps to even the height of a row when working over uneven height stitches, just as shells or fans.)

Pull through a loop

Now the tricky part, reinsert hook into the same part of the stitch, yarn over and pull through a loop, careful pull yarn from working end and not from the loop just created.

Now comes a little trickier part, remove hook from loop and reinsert it into the same stitch the was just worked through, carefully yarn over and pull through a loop ensuring that the yarn is coming from the working end and not the loop just created.

After chain, finish

Now chain. This chain will help secure the loop in place. Continue the above process to the end of row.

Now chain to secure the long loop in place. Continue this process across row.

Pull chain to working height

When beginning the second row of this technique, pull the last chain up to the height of the long loops.

Insert hook into next long loop

Insert hook into next long loop, and slip stitch. Continue this across all loops.

Finished rows

A finished sample of Drop Stitch- Mock Hair Pin Lace Blocking after, will improve the overall appearance.

To begin the second row, you turn your work, and pull the working loop to the height of the long loops just created, insert hook in next Drop Stitch, and slip stitch, continue slip stitching each Drop Stitch across.

Also be aware that when using this stitch, it really improves the appearance after blocking. Blocking helps any twist that may be in the yarn to relax and give a more even overall look.

Check out a video tutorial here. Drop Stitch by Linda Dean

2 thoughts on “Drop Stitch- Mock Hair Pin Lace

  1. Hi Linda,
    I finished the ascot I love it! Had some problems with the ends bit I think they came out ok.
    Thanks so much!
    Joyce Thomason

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