Tunisian Crochet -Building Skills in Designs

Tunisian Crochet is a technique that always has something bold to offer. It seems to be a bit cyclical in the design world, making a splash every few years. With every splash creating a great surge in creativity, and the new digital release of The Tunisian Collect from I Like Crochet Magazine is no exception.

I am fortunate enough to have 2 designs in this publication.

A Teenager Loved Pillow

The Cozy At Home Tunisian Tassel Pillow is one that my teenage son liked enough that he had me make some for his room (this is always a huge reward for my work…that the kids actually like it). It really only uses two Tunisian stitches, a Simple Stitch and a Purl Stitch to create this visual effect. In addition it uses a large hook size, so it works up pretty quickly.

Cozy At Home Tunisian Tassel Pillow

I like the edging that seams the two sides as you work it, and the tassels were a definite highlight for my son, so maybe it is a new trending feature.

A Fun Hat

The In The Round Tunisian Full Stitch Hat is one that is a real skill builder. It works what I mistakenly thought was the most basic stitch in Tunisian until I learned more about it, the Full Stitch. This stitch creates a pattern of little lines that do not directly stack atop one another, but are off-set. I have always loved the look.

In The Round Tunisian Full Stitch Hat

This pattern though has a little twist, it is worked in the round. Working in the round is not something that is commonly worked in Tunisian crochet, as it is a technique worked by loading up loops on the hook and then working it back off. So you never turn the work, and it is easiest to work flat.

However I have shared some tips to working in the round, and this pattern puts it to use.

I hope you enjoy these projects and use them to build your skills in the area of Tunisian Crochet.

Fresh Designs for Fall

I am excited to see that some of my new designs are out in the wild! I have designs released in the last couple of weeks in I Like Crochet Magazine (December 2019 issue), and with Manos del Uruguay Fall 2019 collection.

Yuletide Hat- I Like Crochet, December 2019

You can find my Yuletide Hat in the December 2019 issue of I Like Crochet Magazine, it is actually an embellished version of an earlier design. The Homey Fireplace Hat was released in the same publications October 2017 issue. The embellishment adds a little length, some fabulous yarn and a pom-pom. It is a great update that is perfect for a holiday gift.

Then there is Muntin, a pattern that can be put together more than a one way to create two great designs. It consist of 6 different motifs in 2 different sizes. This allows for a really dynamic display of color, which has no two motifs that are alike. The motifs always seem a bit floral to me, so I always see a bed of flowers in this design, but you may notice something else.

Muntin as a cowl, Manos Del Uruguay Fall 2019 Collection

The two designs created with these motifs, have one being a cowl and the other a wrap, using the same amount of yarn and worked as join as you go so no sewing required. You could easily take this motifs and put them together in other ways to let your own imagination run wild.

Muntin as a wrap, Manos del Uruguay Fall 2019 Collection

New Design Release- Perfect for Fall

There is a certain rush about getting up in the morning to receive the message that your latest three designs have been released by I Like Crochet Magazine. There are two in the August 2019 issue and one in the latest book collection, The One-Skein Crochet Collection.

Easygoing Tank- photo coutrsey Prime Publishing

Easygoing Tank

The Easygoing Tank, found in the August issue, is worked as one piece, side to side. It has a simple stitch pattern and is shaped on one edge of the fabric. By using a few join-as-you-go techniques that are explained in the pattern, you can even avoid seaming the tank at all, and finish the entire top with just your hook!

Serene Wrap Skirt- photo courtesy Prime Publishing

Serene Wrap Skirt

The Serene Wrap Skirt, also found in the August issue, is another fun project that has you feeling successful in garment creation. It is worked from the short edge, and increased to the skirt length, then is worked until it fits. The color change is worked within the rows, but are not carried along, but dropped and added as needed….with no ends to weave in. There is some gentle short rows to allow for an ease in the waist fit. Simple ties just above the hips keep this skirt secure. Imagine the color combinations that you create with this structured border edge.

Hello Cozy Hat- photo courtesy Prime Publishing

Hello Cozy Hat

The final design, Hello Cozy Hat, featured in the One-Skein Crochet Collection, and is a slouchy beanie that has an up turned brim to share a surface crochet greeting. Worked flat with short rows at the crown, this hat is then topped with a pom-pom, and using crochet thread the message is surface crocheted in the unused loops of the stitches on the row.

It is always a good morning to be able to share new designs, new ideas, and a new hope to inspire.

Relax with Pink Lemonade

My latest design! Aim to Squeeze Pink Lemonade Blanket is a great baby throw that just screams summer. Find it in the June 2018 issue of I Like Crochet.

It is worked as a half circle and then is squared up, to highlight a half of a pink lemon slice. I will admit, I really did not know that there were such things as pink lemons, not until I undertook this project. The colors are fabulous together, highlighting a yellow rind, sandwiched between blur and pink, then accented the white.

This is a fun project that keeps you engaged, while still allowing you to enjoy yourself. Working the half circle creates all of the lemon segments, you then add the peel and begin to square it up with the blue back ground. You then work the rind between the segments and sit back and relax with a glass of lemonade.

The yarn is Baby Soft by Lion Brand, so it is easy to find, and the colors always go so well together. It is soft and nice to work with.

If lemons are not your thing, I could easily see this as an orange, a grapefruit, lemon or lime. Any citrus can be worked into this design, making it a bit versatile.

I really like the large size of the half slice, as it really encompasses most of the dimensions of the throw. This really offers great visual interest, and makes for a very appealing addition to your home, or kids room.

This is noted as a kids blanket, but personally I like it myself as a nice lap afghan, it is a nice size and helps just take the chill off, or when I am on my patio it helps block the sun without being to hot.

I had a fun time with this project, and I hope you will too.

Serene Spring Long Cardigan- The Name Says It All

It seems like a cardigan season! I say that as I have created quite a few cardigans as of late, and the latest one to be released, Serene Spring Long Cardigan found in the April 2018 issue of I Like Crochet, is one of my favorites.

I think that long cardigans offer a great shape, as well as keeping that draft off of my waist as a bend over. I enjoy them most with a length about mid-thigh, or at very least just below my hip bone. Yet when it is created with a simple stitch, which looks fabulous, it is fun to create too. Serene Spring fits this bill.

It is worked from the bottom up, and seamed at the sides, and if you feel that the length is a bit long for your liking, simply reduce the number of rows worked before reaching the underarm. The corner pockets are attached as you seam the sides, and then fully encased when you work the edging.

The shaping in minimal, making it easy for a beginner to feel successful.

The yarn, Knit One Crochet Too Batiste is a delight to work with as well. It is a blend of wool, linen and silk in a sport weight. It is light and airy, while just being heavy enough to take off the chill. I actually did a review of this yarn, I share more insights about it here.

I still remember when I made my first sweater, it took me several years to work up the courage to make one as I had done afghans for years, but when I realized it was all just fabric it was groundbreaking for me. If you have this same dilemma, don’t let it stop you. The best tip I can provide is to check your gauge so you know that you are coming up with the same fabric as what you see in the photo. Here are some tips to working with gauge.