Linda Dean is a long time, self taught crocheter, a Professional member of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA), a Master in Advanced Stitch and Technique, Fundamentals and Basics (by CGOA), a Certified Instructor/Teacher with The Craft Yarn Council (CYC), and serves as a Past President of the Board of Directors as well as the Chairperson for the Masters Committee with CGOA. You can find her published designs in various outlets, as well as self published. You can find her teaching at local yarn stores and national/regional conferences.

How it started

She began her career in crochet on a simple whim. After successfully completing the CGOA Masters Program she was invited to attend the organizations annual conference to be recognized for her accomplishments. After some encouragement she decided to go, and try everything available to her at the event. One evening while sitting in the hotel lobby crocheting with new friends, she was asked about the stitch she was working. The lady across the table form her looked at it and stated that she must attend the “Designer Meet and Greet”. Not knowing what this event was, the lady explained it was an opportunity to meet magazine editors and yarn company designers to get feedback on your work. Realizing that this lady was her instructor during the time of the event, and informing the lady as such, the lady, Margaret Hubert told her she was leaving her class early and attending the event. Linda did, and sold her first design at the event. Everything snowballed from there.

People never realize how simple encouragement, and taking a risk can change your life.

Where things are now

She lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California with her husband and two children, on a small farm. Internet access is limited, so so doesn’t post to the blog daily, but you will find inspiration a couple of times a week. 


This blog will highlight the journey that Linda has taken in the world of professional crochet, and hopes to help you find inspiration to follow the opportunities that may be presented to you in your life.

Check out her interview with Crochet World Magazine in January 2015, here. Or her interview with the Crochet World Blog in August 2016, here.

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