Design Help- Outside Crochet

Not all designing involves crochet, at least not in my world. Since November 2016 I have been a 4H sewing project leader, this entails me arranging meeting times and helping guide the participants in completing project. Fortunately 4H encourages leadership from the kids, so it does not involve much instruction from me, as I am not much of a seamstress and sewing is not my favorite pastime. After all I crochet, and even work join-as-you-go motifs so I do not have to sew.

However in the course of these last several months the participants under took a community service project. So in addition to creating their shirts, and skirts, dresses and jackets, they also created a project to help Veterans. They arranged to teach the basic use of the sewing machine to other 4Hers at a large community event, then I aided then in creating a quilt square pattern that involved simple strips of fabric. They then sought donations of fabric and cut it into long strips to have their “students” sew these long strips together.

Quilt top created by my 4H sewing project

After a full day of instruction they had all the strips sewn together, then it was time to create the squares. I will admit I did help put some squares together, after all I did want to at least see my dining room table. The squares are completed and put together, now this quilt top is being donated to Quilts of Honor to be finished as a quilt and given to a Veteran.

Yes, I am proud of what they have accomplished, and their dedication and generosity is inspiring. It has been a really interesting undertaking for myself, watching the kids grow and understand themselves and what they like. Some of the kids actually created their own patterns and designs, other modified their patterns to create what they like. There are designers everywhere, at least in the sense that we are all creators.

Summer Lends Itself to Different Fibers in Yarn

ScannedImageAs the warm months approach I always find myself wanting to play with some different yarn types, yarns that may not be as warm and heavy in my lap.

Recently I have been playing with a silk/linen blend yarn. This yarn (Queensland Collection Savanna) is a light to fine weight, with an almost stiff feel. In fairness this stiffness subsides after being washed, as is the case with linen. There is a strong stitch definition and the yarn has what I would describe a rustic feel, with a slight bumpy feel. Each stitch definitely stands on its own, but I don’t feel that it would support heavily textured fabrics such as cables or popcorn stitches very well as the rustic feel and appearance of the yarn tends to distract from this, almost like there is too much texture overall.


Queensland Collection Savanna yarn

This yarn has very little if any stretch, and a very flat, sturdy drape. It reminds me of similar qualities of cotton. I like how it has breath, meaning that it feels light and summer like. The sheen to it is interesting as well, as it is a dull luster. When this is combined with the rustic feel, it almost seems old fashion to me.

Since silk is the main component of this yarn I know that it has strength, and the linen helps to keep the fabric cool to the touch. My designing mind can easily envision this yarn as a tunic or a skirt, some sort of sturdy simple garment. If it was intended for home décor, I can see that it would create anything to grace a patio setting, or someplace with a natural outdoors feel. I can easily see this creating a fabric that would make a great handbag. It has an interesting appeal and definitely feels right for the warm month.