Crochet & Bead, Light Enhancement

ScannedImageA few years back my husband put together some bent iron and a couple of chains creating a “chandelier” of sorts. I was grateful for his effort, but needed to add some extra embellishments. I thought as the season changes to one in which we begin enjoying the great outdoors later in the hours of the day, that I would share how I took a couple of ideas and now enjoy the outdoors after the sunset.


A crochet chain of bead adorns my extra porch light.

Crochet helped me once again in repurposing my new make shift light source. After painting the metal white, I felt that it needed something more. I had been playing with beads and jewelry wire, creating choker necklaces, and as it happened it became an inspiration. I strung several colors of beads on a long spool of wire and then simply began to create a crochet chain. I stretched the stitch after it was made, causing the wire to collapse more around the bead, this chain now adorns the metal by draping between the cross sections, and I created an additional chain of beads to weave through the chain that it is suspended from. It added just enough color and whimsy. So complete the project I added a few votive candles and holders, and now I have a beautiful art piece that graces the seating area of my back porch. It is nice to spend a quite spring evening outside by this soft light that has just a little something extra, brought together with crochet.

I have often considered creating more of these beaded chains, for adornment in other places, maybe I will have to create one to drape from my daughter bedroom window. Various beads can offer different effects and looks, but I think I like the color of these glass beads that allow the light through they almost have a glow about them.

Brighten Up the Canning Jar

ScannedImageAs the season warms and welcomes late evenings and barbeques, my crochet tends to become a little lighter (in fabric) and sometimes a little smaller (in projects). My latest design fits that bill.

In the June 2015 issue of Crochet World Magazine, you can find my Candle Shadows. Now , when I bought my home over a decade ago, it came with a root cellar filled with old canned goods (the “freshest” being over thirsty years, and the some with dates in the 1930’s). So instead of just tossing all these old mason jars filled with over aged fruit, we have slowly cleaned them all up. Finding uses for them all is the more interesting undertaking.


Candle Shadows- Crochet World, June 2015 Photo courtesy of Annie’s

You may remember from an earlier post that I turned some of the mason jars into pendant lights in my kitchen (if you missed it here, it is), some of the jars will be used as cups and center pieces at my sister’s wedding later this year, and some I have enjoyed using as a little outdoor lighting with my latest design.

The principle behind the design is pretty straight forward, a stitch pattern that offers a nice negative space (for the light to shine through) and that repeats in just the right amount to come evenly fit around the jar. Then adding in some great color and there is a lot of fun added to my outdoor dinner (or maybe even my indoor bubble bath). Using battery operated flame-less votive candles makes them even easier to use, and safe for kids!