Crazy Afghans

ScannedImageMy 9 year old daughter has taken up sewing, and recently I showed her how to make a crazy quilt by simply putting scrap fabrics together and sewing them upon each other and stitching them together. This gave me an idea, could you create a crazy afghan?

So I have begun grabbing swatches from my stack. I have quite a pile of swatches, as essentially my work as a designer requires me to understand what the yarn will do, and create new ideas with it, so I make a lot of different sized crochet fabric pieces. They are not all square, but most at least have a couple of straight edges. I just started to single crochet the pieces together, and have found that it is quite therapeutic, and relaxing. I am not worried about creating something perfectly square, I can always add stitches to uneven areas to make it more usable, and adding an edging on anything makes it looks like you intended to it.


Random swatches coming together

I don’t know where this afghan will end up. Maybe I will add it to my automobile “emergency kit”, this is a “kit” that I have modified over the years and it is not for your typical emergencies, it is for those last minute opportunities. Having a throw in the car makes it easy to stay warm when someone else in the vehicle likes the air conditioning colder then I prefer. It is a pillow for long road trips, as well as being perfect for a spur of the moment picnic. It also has practical use, living in a region that can get a sudden mountain snow storm, you may be stuck in your car at some point was you await safer driving conditions.

I have been finding this project more enjoyable then I thought I would and may have to create a crazy handbag in the same fashion…oh, the ideas….

Nothing Ever Stays the Same

ScannedImageI usually see an image of what I want a particular yarn to be, by simply holding it and letting my mind wander, but that is where things actually become difficult. Now I need to play, okay, it is swatching, but I have never been good at creating swatches, I want to get on to making something not just make squares of stitching.

However, I usually need to figure out how to get my image translated into an actual creation, and that often means finding the stitch patterns that will accomplish this.DSCF0868.1

Sometimes I get into the process and realize that I like something else better, and either re-create my idea or create something completely new. Okay, this happens in many aspects of life; from everything like what to have for dinner of what I am wearing to that holiday party. Ideas constantly evolve. This is my reminder that nothing is a constant; the only thing that I can accurately predict is that everything will always change. I will admit, this keeps me from getting too attached to any one idea for very long, and I hope helps keep my work fresh. One can hope at least.