Tips for the Mundane

There are some truths about crochet that no one ever seems to share, we all hit a period where we are bored. This could be a stitch pattern, the act of moving the hook, the feel of the yarn. Everyone I have ever met does put things down from time to time, but they never really admit it.

It does not matter if you crochet for a living or just as a hobby, sometimes we find a mundane point. However, I have found a couple of ways through this period.

Ask yourself why. Is it that the stitch is not exciting? Is pattern is taking too long to finish? Is my attention being pulled in another direction?

We have all been there, and there is no shame in it. I have found a couple of approaches to get through it and still actually end up loving crochet again.

First, take a break. This is not a bad word and it does not mean that you are done with the craft, it simply means that you need a point of rejuvenation. Usually when I put my hook down, I find that I still need something to keep my hands busy and fidgety in the evenings when sitting with the family in front of the television. For me I then pick up work puzzles, maybe some Sudoku or word searches, I don’t quite have the disposition for crosswords but there are plenty of different puzzles to keep me entertained.

However, sometimes you need to get a project finished, there is a deadline…maybe you need that gift for the baby shower in 3 days. In this case, I have to set small goals. It can be as simple as completing a set number of rows of the pattern every time I sit down with it in my hand. This really depends upon that stitch pattern, but maybe it is as simple as getting through one of the row pattern repeats. Maybe it is getting to the next color change, or the next color change in the yarn. I set myself a visual point and work toward it. I find that this helps even more if I have a small reward for myself at the end, maybe I get a cookie or such, maybe then I get a nice stretch. It does not have to be anything big, it just has to be something to break up the monotony.

Sometimes it is as simple as changing projects and putting one in “time out”. I find this happens most on projects that I was first intrigued by, but then quickly discovered that the design was a really rather simple stitch repeat, like an entire afghan worked in only double crochet rows. There is nothing wrong with it, it just is not very exciting, and frankly if I do not have a reason or deadline to actually complete it, I might not get it finished. In this case I just have to be honest with myself. There is no harm in using the yarn in another project.

I wish I could say that I never put down my hook, that I have endless creative energy, but alas that is not what works for me. There are times I need to find another focus to help but my love of crochet back in focus.

One Bite at a Time

ScannedImageThe other day I was finishing up a crochet design, when my kids made a comment that made me think. The design I was finishing is one that I am self publishing, and hope to have available soon, but the comment that got me thinking might cause it to be delayed.


Yes, those are knitting needles.

The comment was about having my daughter knit the same design. I spoke a couple of months ago that my daughter was teaching me to knit (you can find out the reasons here). Since that time I have had some individuals ask if I was planning on writing knitting patterns, which I must admit is probably a bit beyond skill level, but the thought of having a design that is both knit and crocheted does intrigue me.

This began me on a large journey, taking small steps, just like a proverb I once heard about how to eat an elephant; one bit at a time. So with my limited knitting skills I have decided to take my thoughts and ideas and find a way to see them to the furthest end I can. I may not get far, but like all things I life; I will never know unless I begin the journey.

Some of my Tips to Conquer Crochet Procrastination

ScannedImageSo when I do not enjoy something I procrastinate…I think that is true for many. This explains many of my UFO (Un-Finished Objects). When reviewing what makes these projects unfinished, many of them become finish work, or simply patterns that just began to bore me. But I have found some techniques that actually allow me to get these projects done.

A few years ago I have a sweater that had several color changes. I was using a variety of yarns that I had won in a raffle, I began working it up and finished the sleeves, and began the front…then I put it down and it haunt me from across the room. I felt pressure to finish it, of course self imposed, yet I had no desire to pick up the hook, I wanted to work something else…anything else. So how did I finally manage to get it finished, I created a support group.


My Support Group Sweater. With the support of my friends I finally finished this sweater that was beginning to haunt me.

I set up an informal support system at my workplace, I had co-worker hold me accountable to goals I set for myself. It is kind of like having someone holding you accountable during a diet (which is how I returned the support they gave me), I would set a goal of completing so many rows a week, and then during lunch once a week, we would all get together and discuss how are goals were coming along, and set new ones. This is how I finally finished the sweater…6 weeks of goal setting to get to the end. I admit it feels like quite an accomplishment.

For projects that may not need as much goal setting to get finished I have found another trick, I bring projects that are not on my favorite list to knitting and crocheting events and gatherings. Why you might ask, because I enjoy the company and then usually don’t mind the work as much. It is not the focus of my attention, I can weave in ends and work on patterns that I no longer have much interest in while talking to friends, enjoying some snacks and beverage, as well as admiring the beautiful work of others. Hours can pass and I can get much accomplished, and not even realize it.

It seems funny how the support of others can improve my work, and actually get my UFO’s to a state of completion. I guess this is just another point in my life that shows that the Village makes the difference.