A Dragonfly for Change in the New Year

ScannedImageBeing the end of the year, I usually find it as a time of reflection. This year is no different, however as I was taking a count of the number of designs I created in 2015 I realize I have been busy…and I am not done yet. In 2015 I completed 32 designs (you can see some of them here), some for magazines, some for yarn companies, and some for my personal pattern store, but I want to add one more.


Dragonfly Shawl

I am happy to release my latest pattern, available in my pattern stores on-line, The Dragonfly Shawl. So, I gave it the name of Dragonfly, as to me I see the edge panels as rows of dragonflies flying outward. Now I have not always thought of this little ancient insect, but since my wedding, several years ago, it has become a bit a totem representing that day for me.

I had an outdoor wedding, having the ceremony next to a pond in an apple orchard, and as I walked down the aisle I was surrounded by dragonflies. They beautifully danced me down the lawn to my husband. At the time I had guest comment on the dragonflies as bringing luck and magic to my life, yet looking up a simple search I see that many believe the dragonfly means change. What a great symbol for a new chapter in my life, as well as a New Year, so I feel it is fitting for this new design.


My wedding

This shawl was worked with only one skein of Blue Heron Cotton Rayon Twist Lace Yarn in the color of Bluegrass, and I actually had some left over. I love when a design works up this way, as it means that there is no extra ends to work in, no joining to worry about, I can just begin and finish in one complete clean piece. It is worked from the center of the top edge outward, ending with an airy scallop fans. The size is very generous, and the drape is fabulous.


Dragonfly Shawl

If you are so inclined, please check out the pattern, or pass it along to friend (you can find it on Ravelry & Craftsy), and I will keep busy throughout 2016 creating more…now 33 complete means I was working up a new design every 11 days, and amazingly I did not feel that busy…guess I have room to complete even more next year.


Some of my Tips to Conquer Crochet Procrastination

ScannedImageSo when I do not enjoy something I procrastinate…I think that is true for many. This explains many of my UFO (Un-Finished Objects). When reviewing what makes these projects unfinished, many of them become finish work, or simply patterns that just began to bore me. But I have found some techniques that actually allow me to get these projects done.

A few years ago I have a sweater that had several color changes. I was using a variety of yarns that I had won in a raffle, I began working it up and finished the sleeves, and began the front…then I put it down and it haunt me from across the room. I felt pressure to finish it, of course self imposed, yet I had no desire to pick up the hook, I wanted to work something else…anything else. So how did I finally manage to get it finished, I created a support group.


My Support Group Sweater. With the support of my friends I finally finished this sweater that was beginning to haunt me.

I set up an informal support system at my workplace, I had co-worker hold me accountable to goals I set for myself. It is kind of like having someone holding you accountable during a diet (which is how I returned the support they gave me), I would set a goal of completing so many rows a week, and then during lunch once a week, we would all get together and discuss how are goals were coming along, and set new ones. This is how I finally finished the sweater…6 weeks of goal setting to get to the end. I admit it feels like quite an accomplishment.

For projects that may not need as much goal setting to get finished I have found another trick, I bring projects that are not on my favorite list to knitting and crocheting events and gatherings. Why you might ask, because I enjoy the company and then usually don’t mind the work as much. It is not the focus of my attention, I can weave in ends and work on patterns that I no longer have much interest in while talking to friends, enjoying some snacks and beverage, as well as admiring the beautiful work of others. Hours can pass and I can get much accomplished, and not even realize it.

It seems funny how the support of others can improve my work, and actually get my UFO’s to a state of completion. I guess this is just another point in my life that shows that the Village makes the difference.