One Bite at a Time

ScannedImageThe other day I was finishing up a crochet design, when my kids made a comment that made me think. The design I was finishing is one that I am self publishing, and hope to have available soon, but the comment that got me thinking might cause it to be delayed.


Yes, those are knitting needles.

The comment was about having my daughter knit the same design. I spoke a couple of months ago that my daughter was teaching me to knit (you can find out the reasons here). Since that time I have had some individuals ask if I was planning on writing knitting patterns, which I must admit is probably a bit beyond skill level, but the thought of having a design that is both knit and crocheted does intrigue me.

This began me on a large journey, taking small steps, just like a proverb I once heard about how to eat an elephant; one bit at a time. So with my limited knitting skills I have decided to take my thoughts and ideas and find a way to see them to the furthest end I can. I may not get far, but like all things I life; I will never know unless I begin the journey.