Hourglass Waves- A Stunning Stitch

I really enjoy putting some classic stitches together in ways that you may not have considered. My latest design does just that. The Hourglass Waves Baby Afghan uses the Catherine Wheel Stitch to create a ripple and an hourglass appearance.

It is really the color work that makes this design come to life, and believe it or not, the color really do have an order to their repeating pattern. However the various stitches can through off this simple pattern creating a great visual interest. It is obvious that this is not your everyday baby throw.

Hourglass Waves Baby Afghan by Linda Dean www.lindadeancrochet.com

Hourglass Waves Baby Afghan Photo courtesy Crochet Now Magazine

Featured as a design in the latest issue of Crochet Now Magazine, issue 13, this blanket is one that does not just mark itself as something for a baby, it can easily grow for a toddler, a child, and created larger a great design for a teen or adult. The next opportunity I get I think I may make enlarge my own and make a version for my son. I really think he would love it in primary colors.

Sometimes people can hear the stitch pattern Catherine’s Wheel and instantly get a bit fearful, but this stitch pattern is not as difficult as you may think. Essentially it is a row of large shells, or fans, basically a large number of double crochets (treble crochets if you happen to be in the UK), worked min the same location. This is worked across a row and the following row is essentially a large decrease, worked in between the shells, pulling up loops in each of these stitches, making the fabric edge straight again. This blanket utilizes this very technique, but then highlights the shapes it can create with rows of single crochet (double crochet in the UK).

Hourglass Waves Baby Afghan by Linda Dean www.lindadeancrochet.com

Hourglass Waves Baby Afghan Photo courtesy Crochet Now Magazine

I love how the pattern is not something that you see every day, it has dimension and character.  I hope you find this design inspiring too.

Pinwheel Blanket- A Work of Many Ideas

The Pinwheel Blanket is one that takes a little different approach then I usually do; it is comprised of small motifs that make a larger motif, then joined together. I will admit, I usually think a little more simplistic, I have a motif and that motif gets joined to other motifs, so making a motif out of motifs…well that is like an ah ha moment.

Pinwheel Blanket www.lindadeancrochet.com

Pinwheel Blanket Crochet Now Issue 10

I did not make this realization on my own, I had help. I often believe the best designs come out of a collaboration, ideas always grow when you listen to others…sometimes for the better, like this one. I had worked the smaller motifs together, mostly to see how they looked joined together as I think the join point creates a really interesting effect. It was the editor of Crochet Now that mentioned that the block created looked great just as they were and should be treated like motifs, this allows the join point to become a highlight.

This collaboration has opened my eyes to many different attachment and joining, sometimes it just takes a different view to open up a new world.

So about Pinwheel Blanket, the initial small motif is only comprised of three rounds, so it works up quickly. It grew from a flower, and I feel it has a floral feel. It is at the join point that I see the pinwheel, with a feeling of the whirly-gigs I have seen in the garden. So I guess in a sense this throw has a garden feel for me. With flowers and whirly-gigs it does have an outdoor feel, and even the colors are bright like flowers.

Each small motif is joined to create a square that is the bordered with a main color and joined to other squares, this creates a patchwork and rustic charm while in keeping with garden feel. This is a great project that can be worked as a portable, take on the go and create a fabulous blanket. Check this design in Issue 10 of Crochet Now.

International Crochet- Cabled Round Hat

ScannedImageI have had pattern released in Europe before, mostly in pattern from Red Heart Yarns, but this is the first time I am featured in an actually monthly publication. You can find my Cabled Round Hat in Issue 9 of Crochet Now Magazine, in the United States this publication can be found at some bookstores such as Barns & Noble, or is can be accessed on-line.

Cabled Round Hat by Linda Dean

Cabled Round Hat Crochet Now issue 9 Photo courtesy Practical Publishing

This design is worked vertically, featuring cables that end up encircling the head. It is a one skein project and I was fortunate to check out this English yarn of West Yorkshire Spinners Bluefaced Leicester Aran Prints in color Pheasant. Blueface Leicester is actually a sheep breed that produces a soft warm yarn with a nice spring. To substitute a yarn found in America, any medium weight yarn can work in its place. Just please note this pattern is written in United Kingdom standard terms so the stitch names may seem the same, but are not…so instead of working a double crochet, in the United States we recognize this as a single crochet.

The hat itself has a nice stretch, allowing it to fit a wide range of sizes, while allowing for a very straight forward approach to working it.

I have long worked these vertical style hats, in reality my grandmother use to make a similar style when I was young. It was almost always her go to crochet item, working many vertical hats for charity fundraisers. So for me I thought all crochet hats were made this way, so when I learned how to create a top-down in the round hat, I considered it quite a novelty and fell in love with the approach. Little did I know that what I considered mundane, was really more a novelty then I thought. I have taken this basic approach and added many of my own personal differences, and I hope to share more of these with you…but here is another…. the Cable & Rib Slouchy Hat….

The Cabled Round Hat will be available later this year as a single pattern.