Mid Year Gifts! An Accessory Give Away!

ScannedImageA few weeks back I attended the TNNA (The National Needle Arts Association) Summer Trade Show, in Columbus, Ohio.

It is always a whirlwind to see all the new yarns and products, catch up with friends, make new connections and attempt to find business opportunities. There are 2 trade shows a year, the Winter show, and the Summer show; this was my first attendance at the Summer show, and only my second time in attendance at any actual trade show.

At the show, I was fortunate to be invited to attend the “Marly Bird Designer Dinner”. Marly Bird is a well know podcaster, talented designer, industry leader, as well as a very kind and generous person. She has organized a dinner event outside of the TNNA framework that brings designers together with other parts of the industry; such as yarn companies, product innovators and developers, and publishers, to name a few. I will admit, even if I only attended the Marly Bird Dinner, the entire trip would have been worth it. There were so many different people there, and it helped bring into focus a larger picture of the industry. Often in designing or teaching, it is easy to forget just how large and diverse the industry in which I work is.


Items in a Give Away! Susan Bates Mini Knit Klips, Eucalan Wrapture, Chic-a Gadget Tray, Bar-Maid Lo-Lo Lov Lotion bar, & an Erin Land project bag

One of the craziest things from this dinner is the gift bag. I came home with enough yarns to sample and accessories to play with, that I have enough to share! So I have a small give away today, and more to follow in following posts.

Today, I want to share with you some fun accessories that I have played with. First there is a small Erin Lane Bag. It is perfect for holding a small project, about 1 ball. It has a draw string closure, but one of the things I really like is the snap loop, that allows be to thread the loop through anything (I usually find my pants belt loop), and snap it shut. It stays right where you put it, but will still let the yarn feed. It is really practical, and fun with the brilliant fabric choices. Now a little secret….I may have shared this is posts past, but I have never really used projects bags, my traveling work has endured plastic grocery bags for the most part, so this is a really change for me. Not only do I look a little more put together, my yarn does not roll around and become a tangled mess. I do enjoy this bag.

Another fun item is a Gadget Tray from Chic-a. This little tray is genius. It completely folds flat (which I was so grateful for on my flight home, as I had so much to bring home) and has snaps in the corners to bring up the edges and is durable. This is easily a life saver on the table that sits next to my “crochet spot”. Usually that little table gets covered with everything; notes, safety pins, stitch markers, yarn needles, tape measures. Of course they always hid under the TV remotes, the mail I just opened or the yarn that I had an idea for, so when I need them they can become difficult to find, but this tray is helping.

I am also enjoying a bottle of Eucalna Wrapture. It is a no rinse wash, which smells lovely. I know many people that insist on blocking their projects in the solution, as it is gentle on the yarn, and leaves everything so fresh and clean. It also works well with lingerie and baby cloths.

I must say that the Lo-Lo Lov lotion bar from Bar-Maids was another great surprise. It definitely softens the hands, and makes a long day of stitching feel great, while having a greatly nice scent. This is one that I will definitely be ordering more of, as I find it can be quite addicting.

The last accessory I will discuss today is the Mini Knit Klips by Susan Bates. They look like little hair clips, but instead of one “tooth” that fits into a hole on the opposite side. Easily used as a stitch marker, or to hold pieces together when seaming. Little handy things, that I am sure will endear themselves to me in other ways the longer I work with them.

Now, these 5 little must haves can be yours too. I will give away a set of all 5 items to 1 lucky reader. All you have to do is leave a comment, tell me what accessory or accessories you enjoy best, even it is like the long time side of me, and it is a plastic grocery bag. A winner will be chosen at random from all comments left on or before July 12, 2015, and will be announced via my Facebook page and Twitter the following day.

25 thoughts on “Mid Year Gifts! An Accessory Give Away!

  1. Wow Linda! That is amazing!
    Right now I’m using a cloth bag with 2 pockets on the inside and 1 larger one outside for my baby project. I’m also using a pair of very small sissors that I have from my grandmother. I’m using a converted plastic coffee can with a hole in the lid to keep the yarn from rolling around and becoming cat toys.
    I so enjoy your blog. It keeps me going when I’m tired of looking at the same yarns for a while!

    • Thanks Jan! I’m glad I can be a point of interest in you blog reading, and yarn playing. I love the coffee can idea! That definitely makes it cat proof.
      What a great way to keep your grandmother close, by using her scissors. Very nice.

    • That’s great! I love the idea of having a tape measure in every project bag, mine always seems to be hidding when I need it.

  2. they all sound like winners!! i would probably use the Erin Lane Bag first and foremost so i could be really portable and love the hook to belt loop!! i like the Gadget Tray too! like them all actually, lol 😀 would like any of them! never have blocked yet so that blocking spray sounds very nice too! 🙂

    • I understand you excitement, I’m a little new to using accessories myself, but now that I’ve started I see more I’d like to try.

  3. I have to use stitch markers! They help me keep my place for repeats!

    • So right you are Rachel, there is definitely no me size fits all! Not to mention, I think I need many more then one.

  4. My yarn needle is the most important thing for me to have for all my projects..

  5. One of my favorite accessories is my Ewe Clip from the Purly Ewe Etsy Shop. They clip on the ends of my DPNs and keep my socks from falling off of the needles.
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

    • I will have to check those out, thanks for the input on another great accessory.

  6. I never realized how many things count as “accessories” until I read the other comments! Tape measures are a must, as are stitch-markers. I would really love a bag like the Erin Lane one, since I like to stand and crochet/knit while watching my dinner cook, and holding a yarn ball under my arm is very inconvenient. 😉

    • Wow! Standing while knitting/crocheting and cooking dinner! That kind of multitasking takes talent.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing with us! I am always amazed by all the stories I hear about the event when everyone comes back. Thanks so much for sharing these goodies with us. I, like you, haven’t tried project bags as of yet. I use the old plastic bags with zippers from bedding. This really helps hold everything together. Thanks again.

  8. I’m a sucker for accessories! Tape measures, hand lotion, small scissors, yarn needles and bags, bags, bags. The project tray is something I’ve never seen but sounds like pure genius. And I will admit that a glass of wine in the evening can be a great accessory as well 🙂

    • Yes, wine…an interesting accessory. But in moderation, to much and I would be ripping all my work back!

  9. Great giveaway! I absolutely adore my lotion bars. Can’t crochet, or knit, without them. And of course, Chic-a bags are badass. Too much great stuff!

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