My Ravelry Crochetalong- Join Me

ScannedImageGetting together with other fiber artists and sharing your work can be a very fun experience. However it is not always easy to find this group of people just down the street, fortunately there is a social media outlet dedicated to those that love to play with yarn,

Waves Hat

Waves Hat- Photo courtesy of Annie’s

Ravelry has been around for a while and has users from around the world, where people share their current projects, their stash of yarn, as well as check out or purchase patterns and are able to chat with other people about them. There are also forums, like chat rooms, on various topics that occur within different groups, which allow for a wide range of discussion topics.

Currently I have a Crochetalong within one of these forums, Crochet! Magazine. A Crochetalong is an event in which people are encouraged to work the same pattern and share their experiences within the group. They are able to ask questions, get feed back, and find new insight in the design of the pattern they are working. My Crochetalong is the Waves Hat that is in the current issue of Crochet! Magazine. So if you have never attempted such an event, or you want encouragement to finish up this hat for a holiday gift (or just for fun), please consider joining me. This is a new thing for me too and I would love get your feedback as well.

Enjoy the Breeze Tee Thoughts

Enjoy the Breeze Tee 2

Photo Courtesy of Annie’s

ScannedImageJust because it is cold outside doesn’t mean that spring isn’t right around the corner! My latest design,  Enjoy the Breeze Tee is found  in the Spring 2014 Issue of Crochet! Magazine.

Enjoy the Breeze Tee 3

Photo courtesy of Annie’s

I enjoyed the way the color of the yarn worked up in the design, it is Deborah Norville Serenity Garden, in color #0005 Mountain Heather, and I admit I think the name fits it well. I can see the color of the wild flowers along the melting snow of the mountains, hinting in spring. The yarn also lends to the fabric draping really well, it is a microfiber and is cool to the touch.

There is a more subtle design going on in the shirt it has “peek-a-boo” kind of rows that are placed at expanding intervals, more closely together at the bottom and further apart at the top (none over the bust line, as I really do not feel it is flattering to “peek-a-boo” ones undergarments).

Enjoy the Breeze Tee 1

Photo courtesy of Annie’s

In the sizing (from S-2XL) not only is the shirt wider, but it is longer in larger sizes as well (amazing how much more flattering a couple of rows can be, and comfortable). Another of my personal pet peeves is when my shirt rides up the back as I sit down.

This design is also featured as a Crochetalong at the Crochet! Magazine Ravelry Forum throughout the release of the issue. Join along and see how it came out of others.