People Bring Life to My Crochet

ScannedImageThere are times when my crochet needs an awakening. I can crochet for hours on end, pick up a skein and “play”, no pattern, no end goal, and still create something, it is a therapy, a routine. I create, but sometimes it just feels like the motions.


Some of the woman that shared wonderful inspiration of crochet at the 2015 CGOA annual conference

Now, please, do not misunderstand; I love crochet. I have been placing hook to yarn for many decades, and evenings when I do not have a project in hand, I feel fidgety. I cannot go to long without at least making random stitches. Crochet travels with me, I have a spare skein of yarn and extra hook pin various places, but sometimes it doesn’t quite make me feel alive.

There is a simple fix for me on this, people. Getting together with others that use yarn can be such an energizing experience. It does not even have to be in person, chatting in emails, or phone calls can bring energy back to my work.

It can change a mood, and allow the spirit to soar. Looking back over my body of crochet projects, I took new directions, new types of projects, new types of yarns, after visiting with people that shared their passion. Positive spirits are contagious, and I need to remember that I need this to recharge and bring a new level of joy to my work, so it is not just work to my joy.



Unexpected Journeys- A Little Like Life

ScannedImageThe interesting thing about ideas is that you never know when they are needed, or used. My latest released design, Holiday Sequins Sweater, reminds me of that, its journey was an awkward one, but now it sits on the cover of the Winter 2015 issue of Love of Crochet. I may not have even known that it graced the pages, let alone the cover had it not been brought to my attention by a very compassionate and supportive designer, Marly Bird. She had noticed it, took a picture of the cover and tag me in a Facebook post.

IMG_20151201_172418778The idea for this sweater came to me nearly four years ago as I was swatching with a yarn, which I believe has been since discontinued. I was inspired by a top that my sister had given me that had this cowl type neck, but I was never happy with how it only came to my waist line, it felt to short. I created a sketch to accompany the swatch of a simple texture, and sent it to various publishers, none of which were interested. As the seasons changed I would send it to a couple of other publishers, but it never found the right fit, until I answered a call for designs for a new book that Lorna Miser was putting together.

At the time, I had never met Lorna, yet I had heard about her as a local legend. She is the original founder of Lorna’s Lace Yarn, and actually began the business just a couple of miles from me as I was growing up. Of course I had no knowledge of this at the time, or frankly the interest, but as I grew older and even began working in the crochet/yarn industry, people would notice my street address and ask if I knew Lorna. That is just how small the world can be, she began the business and grew it for several years literally just down the street from me.

She has since sold the business and is focused on designing, and was putting together a new crochet book, one in which this sweater made to cut for, so the sample was made and the pattern written. The book never made it to fruition, but the design found its way to Love of Crochet, where unbeknown to me it landed on the cover. When the design was conceived I really thought that it was great, but then it was constantly rejected, then I thought it had found its way into an actual hard copy book, to learn that things had shifted once again. It was then possible that it may make it to the light of day, only to then dance upon the cover.

This seemingly long journey, which had a couple of twists and turns, just to have a pattern for a sweater, reminds me a little of how things ultimately go in life. You think you are on one path then all of the sudden you are on another and you end up in places that you may not have expected. So as I begin the time of year that has me usually reflecting on the past, looking at where things were a year or two earlier this design will remind me that you never know where the journey might take you.

Little Thing to Remember

ScannedImageUsually for me the hardest deadlines to keep are the ones that I have set for myself. I have no problem stepping up and meeting deadlines set by others, no matter how unrealistic they might be at times, but keeping a simple deadline for myself can be a little more of a challenge. Mine get pushed back for various reasons; other peoples deadlines, kids activities, sleep, family, sometimes even just that next chapter of the book I am reading.


Out with the kids…

Why is this? Do I not value myself as much as everything else? Or could it be that I am simply being a little too hard on myself.  In my other work lives, I was able to leave work at work; I came home and started my other life. My time was measured, I could see the productivity of my day in the hours I was at my job, but now that model is on its head.  I would love to say that I have set work hours that I dedicate to crochet, separate time scheduled for house cleaning and grocery shopping. That does work occasionally, but then life happens and they overlap and mush together more than I thought they would. I have late nights, as the late afternoons and evenings are family time (okay, they are fight about homework, fix dinner, get ready for bed times, but who is judging). Mornings are reserved for getting everyone out the door, so I have mid-morning until school lets out, plenty of time. But then I have to go into town to ship some packages, and since I drove all the way in I should stop by the grocery store, well now I have, a couple of hours before I pick up the kids….

I need to find a way to focus more on one task at a time, and quit multitasking as much, but I also need to remember that I am allowed to have free time. I often find it easy to beat myself up about what I should have gotten done, instead of looking at what I have accomplished. This is a little thing I need to remember…life is more then work.