Little Thing to Remember

ScannedImageUsually for me the hardest deadlines to keep are the ones that I have set for myself. I have no problem stepping up and meeting deadlines set by others, no matter how unrealistic they might be at times, but keeping a simple deadline for myself can be a little more of a challenge. Mine get pushed back for various reasons; other peoples deadlines, kids activities, sleep, family, sometimes even just that next chapter of the book I am reading.


Out with the kids…

Why is this? Do I not value myself as much as everything else? Or could it be that I am simply being a little too hard on myself.  In my other work lives, I was able to leave work at work; I came home and started my other life. My time was measured, I could see the productivity of my day in the hours I was at my job, but now that model is on its head.  I would love to say that I have set work hours that I dedicate to crochet, separate time scheduled for house cleaning and grocery shopping. That does work occasionally, but then life happens and they overlap and mush together more than I thought they would. I have late nights, as the late afternoons and evenings are family time (okay, they are fight about homework, fix dinner, get ready for bed times, but who is judging). Mornings are reserved for getting everyone out the door, so I have mid-morning until school lets out, plenty of time. But then I have to go into town to ship some packages, and since I drove all the way in I should stop by the grocery store, well now I have, a couple of hours before I pick up the kids….

I need to find a way to focus more on one task at a time, and quit multitasking as much, but I also need to remember that I am allowed to have free time. I often find it easy to beat myself up about what I should have gotten done, instead of looking at what I have accomplished. This is a little thing I need to remember…life is more then work.