Memory Lane with Some New Patterns


photo courtesy of Annie’s

ScannedImageI have to admit, I really enjoy these designs. They can be found in the current issue of Crochet! Magazine (Winter 2015).

Waves Hat

Wavy Hat Photo courtesy of Annie’s

The Wavy Hat was actually one of my first patterns, at least one of the first patterns that I worked out and actually wrote down. I wrote it up for a friend of mine that wanted a hat that had a chevron appearance, so I play around and came up with my interpretation, and inspiration of that idea with this hat. I have made some changes to the original pattern, making it more streamlined and easier to understand, but I am still happy with the results.

All-Round Rug

All Round Rug photo courtesy of Annie’s

The All Round Rug was inspired by bubble in the bath. I was watching the bubbles in a bath (a bubble bath is a rare thing in my home, so enjoying them as long as possible means the water is usually going cold), and while relaxing my mind began to drift and looking at the shapes that were being created. The way they stacked upon each other made me wonder if I could recreate the pattern in yarn. So a little playing around and this rug was born.

These two designs are one that I have found memories of, and I hope that you enjoy working them up for yourself.