Hot Weather Crochet…It Keeps Me Cool

ScannedImageAs the hot days of summer arise I had a question asked of me; “How can you crochet in this heat?” I actually find it quite easy, and when I look back over time I think I understand some of the reason for this.
When I was in my youth, summer was when I had my free time, unlike some of the childhoods of today, mine was a time of being at home, playing outside. There was no differentiating the days of the week, Monday was just like Friday which was just like Wednesday, there were no camps or classes, just finding a way to play with my brother and sister, without fighting and getting on mom’s nerves. So during this time creativity had a time to bloom and picking up a book and working a project was readily done.Rising Temperature
As I grew older and the relaxing days of no responsibility and laid back summers waned, I was crocheting in my down time to actually stay cool. I know that thinking of temperatures at or near 100°F doesn’t sound like a time when picking up a skein of yarn sounds like a cooling off event, but in my home, which has never been comprised of air conditioning, sitting in front of a fan is the greatest pleasure. It is this sitting still, yet being productive that crochet has allowed me, sit right in front of the fan and work away. In actuality most of my leisure crochet has been created in the hottest months of the year. My hands have kept busy while my hands keep creating. In most recent times the yarn in my hands have been bamboos and silks, then just seem to speak “cool temperature”, or maybe even a cotton. This is just a little mental trip I think, but it does the trick and seems to reduce the temperature.
Okay so I might just reverse this argument for reasons way I crochet in the winter, sitting by the fire to stay warm, but it is too hot outside to think of the fire, I just want to think of sitting by the fan, so I guess I will find some crochet and keep cool.

My Hooks of Fall

ScannedImageThe calendar and the weather finally are coming into sync; it is fall. The leaves are changing color, the evenings have a chill, the final harvest is being collected, and the kids do not need to be told to wear shoes. Some find this to be “crochet weather”, but to me it is quite the opposite. I have a harder time picking up my hooks and getting my craft completed.

Maybe it is because my fingers don’t want to move, but I think it is more likely that I look around and realize the year is almost over, and I did not get accomplished everything I was hoping to over the warm months of summer. Once again I took that time for granted. I did not get that patio put in that I have had planned for a couple of years now, I haven’t gotten all the closets cleaned out, I haven’t even gotten the boxes of holiday decorations from last year put away yet (but, at least I am ahead of the season this year for having them out!). So instead of playing with yarn, I finish painting windows, I pick walnuts, grapes, and apples, I make jams and jelly, I am finding recipes for squash, I am lighting fires, and pulling out the jackets.MP900384696

My mind races with ideas of what to create with my hooks, but my hands are busy elsewhere. These last 8 weeks of the year tend to just go by in a blink, and there is so much to pack into them. Not just because of the gift giving and holiday meals, but because for me this is my time of reflection. Where have I been this year and where do I want to go in the next. I do have some crazy ideas (I will keep you posted), and hopefully I don’t take the warm months ahead for granted and I put my ideas into motion.