Corkscrewing Thoughts on the Unfurling Hat

ScannedImageIt amazes me how something so simple can create such an interesting look. The Unfurling Hat, in the Autumn 2016 issue of Crochet! Magazine is one such design. It is a warm, strong hat that features post stitches. It is these post stitches that create corkscrew effect, or might even be described as a pinwheel kind of look, as it spirals outward from the top and cascades down to the brim.


Unfurling Hat Autumn 2016 Crochet! Magazine Photo courtesy of Annie’s

The brim is quite generous, and the hat tall. There are a couple of reasons for this, okay, mostly one, I usually have my hair up, and running out in the cold weather I like to be able to throw a hat on and go, not re-do my hair so my hat will fit comfortably and still keep in warm and dry. So by adding a little length to the hat, I can simply put it on and go. It fits over my bun, my pony tail, my French twist. It fits over my clips, and combs, while still doing its job. In addition I think it still looks pretty stylish, while covering up my up-do.

CoverThe design of the post stitches, came out of simple playing again. I had a lush yarn in my hand and I wanted to just crochet, not think, and not work any math, just crochet. The placement of the stitches for this design actually allow me to do that. After you work the first round, the same basic concept works in all subsequent rounds, so I no longer had to think about what stitch I was working. It has a natural organic feel, and works up quickly.