The Crochet Way to Re-Live a Great Memory

ScannedImageOh, I think I found the bests of both worlds.


Yarn Bombing found in Mendocino, CA

My family and I actually got away from the house for a couple of nights, and visited the rocky beaches of northern California. We had a wonderful time, and we happened to stumble upon a small town with a lot of charm (and great art/fiber support, there was yarn bombing everywhere!). But even that was not my light bulb moment.


The “Mementos” my family brought home from the trip. Now I get to enjoy the trip all over again!

I managed to actually excite my family into going into the local yarn shop, and choosing yarn for themselves; under the premise that I will create a keepsake memento to remember the trip for them. So they will get a keepsake to remember the trip, I will get to play with some fun yarns, and while stitching up their hats & mittens (items they requested) I get to remember the wonderful weekend with them. Why have I not come up with this before? Maybe because we don’t get away all that often…but, I think this can become a fun tradition to go forward in our family, especially since we don’t really need any more T-Shirts or coffee cups or decoration trinkets from our limited travels.


Mendocino Yarn Shop…quite adorable!


The yarn store yarn bombing.

Hopefully I’ll manage to get their requests done soon, so we can all enjoy the memories.