Crochet in Autumn

ScannedImageAutumn is always a busy time of year in my home. There is the gathering of fruits and finding ways to preserve them, usually in the form jams and jellies, as well as dehydrated, but sometimes it is cakes and cookies and pies. With the United States celebrating Thanksgiving, it also becomes a time when family memories are created around food.


Jams & Jellies

However in my life, it not only revolves around food, but yarns and crochet. This is the time of year for last minute holiday gifts, the time of year to reinvigorate hobbies that you work sitting next to a fire, the time of year to think warm thoughts and use that to envision warm items.

I find that I have many people looking for lessons, either private or in my standing classes, to hone their crochet skills, while an increase of requests for mended heirlooms, and custom gifts. So really autumn becomes a time when crochet seems to fill more minds.

For me this is juggled with the other responsibilities of life, birthday parties, holiday dinners, all those special events that always seem to save themselves for the very end of the calendar year. Every year I am surprised at how fast the last 8 weeks of the year just appear to fly by in a blink.

Items tend to come off my hook faster as well, it might be the added self-imposed pressure of getting everything done by a created deadline, or it could be that cold, wet, weather that keeps me moving my hook instead of enjoying the great outdoors. Either that might be the cause, it does help with productivity.

Even if this time of year seems to have time dissolving away, I still find it Thankful. My hands are busy, and my heart is full. What better way to enjoy the time of autumn.