Crochet Around- How to Use a Non-Crochet Foundation

Sometimes the classics of crochet are not really special stitches, but where you put them, or what you crochet them over.

This technique can seem daunting at first, but essentially you are using the item you are working stitches over as a foundation chain. It can be used to create padded hangers, rugs, wreaths, purse handles, just about anything you can imagine.

I typically recommend working a single crochet stitch (Double crochet if you are used to UK standard). I use this stitch as it creates more “yarn wraps” over the foundation item than using a slip stitch, while creating a stitch with minimal height.

To begin, you need to find a method of holding the item to be crocheted over, this can actually be the most challenging part of the process. You then work your crochet stitch.

Insert your hook, yarn over, 


pull up a loop, 

yarn over, 

pull through 2 loops to complete stitch. 

In the sample above I was working single crochet stitches over a round purse handle, I really like this simple approach to creating a professional looking handbag. This same approach created the padded hangers that rest in my closet, and the wreath holiday ornaments that I shared a while back (find it here). I have used this technique to save space with electronic devises (find that story here)…it can also be applied to creating baskets or rugs by crocheting over clothesline (it uses the same approach as the electronic devises that is still here).