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ScannedImageWow! A whole month of focusing on crochet blogs is almost to an end; but I might just have to follow along with some that I have visited over the past 30 days, and I hope you will consider doing the same. (here is a list of all the participants)

First I would like to thank Amy and Donna of Crochetville for putting this tour together. They are very supportive and encouraging of all things crochet, and help all of us with a hooking habit feel at home and welcome. I can’t wait to see what new ways to support crochet they have up the sleeves. Another supporting factor I have found in the world of crochet is the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). Becoming a member and taking the opportunities that it has presented has changed my life…and that is not just a figure of speech. I am a crochet instructor, but only started having students after I passed the Masters of Advanced Stitches and Technique. I am a new designer; I only sold my first design at the Summer CGOA conference in Minneapolis, July 2011, and now at this moment I have 7 designs in 3 magazines that are currently at your local news stand.  All of that is possible because I took the opportunities that CGOA offered, including meeting many supportive and encouraging people.


Lisa Souza Glacier Yarn (100% Bombyx Silk) that will find a new home on April 2!


Unfortunately I do not have a local chapter of CGOA (there is one an hour drive away, and the meetings have never worked in my schedule), but I have found a local “non-denominational” fiber guild in my community, so I know the benefits belonging to a supportive group that enjoys the same things you do. If you have never considered visiting a guild (it took me a while, I thought that they were trade unions from the middle ages, at least that is what I remember from history class), the opportunity to make new friends, that actually understand crochet terms, is invaluable. Definitely finding a crochet community makes a difference. You can check here to see if there is a CGOA guild in your area. These groups help ensure that crochet is not just featured one month of the year, but throughout and open you to new ideas and approaches. They also usually help in the community (like this blog tour, helping Project Night Night, look here for more information), and make a difference in a variety of ways.

When writing this post, I had many thoughts of knowledge and tricks I have learned and would love to share with you, but the most important thing I can impart is to get involved, and find a supporting network of crochet lovers. (If you want to hear some of my knowledge and tricks, feel free to follow me on my crochet journey).


Tunisian Mini Shawl- Free pattern download

One of the things I have learned from my local guild is the expanse of fibers available in yarn and how to use them, so I wanted to share an opportunity with you to enjoy some yarns you probably don’t have in your stash.( I find it amazing to me how different the same pattern can look with a different yarn or fiber) So, I am giving away a skein of Lisa Souza’s Glacier Yarn (100% Bombyx Silk) to 3 lucky winners (just simply leave me a comment on this post about what you enjoy about crochet or what it means to you, I will randomly select 3 comments on April 2, 2013 at 9:00am PST).

From the CGOA I have learned many new techniques and I would like to share my free Tunisian Mini Shawl pattern (created out of 1 skein of the yarn being given away) as a tribute to those that have encouraged me. Check out my free pattern download from either Crochetville’s Free Pattern Library or by using this  Free Tunisian Mini Shawl Download

Don’t forget to check out the other featured blog today…Kristin Dragos and don’t forget tomorrows the last day of March, where has the time gone?

March 31 Karen C K Ballard Gwen Blakley-Kinsler

27 thoughts on “Tour Through Crochet Country

  1. I enjoy the feel of the yarn and hook and how I am able to create something, as my husband says, from joining loops together. I learned to crochet by the time I was 9 and have always enjoyed being creative. Crochet is one of many crafts I do and, over the years, has been one of the favorites of all the gifts I give. What I especially like is knowing that every gift I give is unique and crafted with the recipient in mind.

  2. I really like your blog and can’t wait to try a pattern. I know, crochet, who woulda thought?

  3. Love your work, love to crochet. Have been diving into Tunisian crochet as of late, really enjoying it!

  4. Crochet is a connection between my past and my future. My grandma taught me when I was a child and gave me a handmade Chriustmas present every year. I didn’t really crochet often until I had my own children. That’s when I discorvered the joy of watching a simple skein of yarn turn into something special and the pleasure of making and giving a gift created especcially for a particular person. As my children watched me stitch, they learned to value the time, thought, and love invested in a gift and handmade gifts became more asked for than store bought ones. Now that I have young grandchildren, I am looking forward to helping another generation discover the joys of giving and receiving handmade creations. They are already starting to enjoy the pleasure of picking out yarn and choosing colors so they can watch Grandma turn it into something special just for them.

  5. Crochet is the first continuous-yarn based craft that I learned. I always return to it despite picking up knitting, spinning, and tatting (amongst others). The longevity and versatility is astounding!

  6. I love the creative process involved in crocheting. I love to pick out colors and stitches. I love to wake up in the middle of the night with yet another bright idea I may be able to incorporate into a project. I love learning new techniques and crocheting with a new yarn. Crocheting makes me smile!

  7. I learned to knit and crochet at the same time – thank you Nanny T! I adore both but the versatility for free-form and the slightly more “bohemian” quality of crochet really appeals to me. When I get tired of the more “straight-laced” feel of knitting, I grab my hook.

  8. Crochet is what I go to at the end of a long stressful day. It helps calm me and I can focus on the pattern and the feel of the yarn going through my fingers, helping me stop thinking of all the things that make me stressed.

  9. I am working on the Masters of Advanced Stitches and Technique, I am not getting far fast I keep stoping to crochet other things. I enjoy crocheting for so many reasons, there are so many things to make.

  10. I love all forms of Crochet and spend a lot of my time teaching crochet to anyone who is willing to learn. My other joy is crocheting for charity- anything from my church prayer shawl ministry to Linus Project.

  11. Crochet means taking time to make something that will be useful and last a lifetime for a loved one. It is soothing and can be challenging as well. I love it!

  12. I first learned to crochet from my aunt…then I learned to knit sort of my books and trial and error…at 53, there were no videos to watch to learn:)…crocheting is portable and I take it with me on the bus….always have something in the works…

  13. I’ve only been actively crocheting for about four months so far but, being an agoraphobic, it has quickly become an integral part of my functional bag of tricks (those things that aid me in managing my anxiety).
    Doesn’t matter how good or bad of a day I might be having, I can still pull the hook through the yarn and have something pretty to show for it at the end. I’m also beginning to investigate spinning since working with fibre is so wonderfully calming.

  14. I love to crochet and for me is very relaxing. Thank you for this beautiful giveaway.

  15. There is no local CGOA chapter near me either, so I’ve really taken advantage of the online communities at Crochetville & Ravelry. Plus this year I’m hoping to finally get to a Chain Link Conference – cannot wait!!

  16. I’m just learning right now. I feel proud because I finished an Elise shawl three days ago.

  17. I love creating beautiful warm afghans out of yarn in so many different patterns and colors.

  18. Ok, this is the 2nd time I’ve tried this. Hope it works. Wow, here I am corresponding with a celebrity..wahoo! I might just try some crochet to prove I can.

  19. Crochet is so many things to me. Since I learned to crochet from my maternal grandmother over forty years ago, I have found it a source of creative enjoyment and satisfaction, and a stress-reliever. There is a never-ending sense of adventure for me as I explore different crochet stitches and techniques. It has been great fun to take my crocheting in different directions, including coming up with some simple designs of my own. My only regret is that my job does not leave me the amount of time to devote to crochet that I would wish.

  20. I never thought of using Easter egg dye for yarn! I’m going to try it when the sales are on Monday. Thanks for the idea!!

  21. To me, crochet means coming away from a boring meeting or car ride with something to show for it! I love that I can create and converse, or watch TV, or watch the scenery roll by, all at the same time.

  22. I love the peace and relaxation that crochet brings me. I especially love that when I am done, something new has been created by my hand.

  23. I have been crocheting for over 41 years and I love to crochet for many reasons. I crochet to keep my sanity with my ADHD son. I contract crochet to earn money for more yarn. I crochet for charity to keep others warm in times of need. I crochet for gifts because a hand made item is my way of expressing love.

  24. Crochet means the world to me! I have RLS and I need crochet to keep me relaxed at night, in the car, longs rides (how about 8hours in a bus with 50 7th and 8th graders!) Thanks for being a part of this wonderful tour!

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