A Positive to Social Media?

ScannedImageOkay so this is a little different topic for me than usual, but I was doing some internal reflection and realized that social media has changed me. Sure information is at your finger tips (the reliability of that information should always be questioned, but that is a different matter), communication is seemingly easier than ever. But why is it then that I do not actually speak to old friends as often? I think this question has been bridged by most people at some time, but that is not the change I found most in myself.

The change I noticed is that I am actually somewhat nicer. For people that have met me in person, they realize that I have a quick wit and play on words (okay, most would call it being a smarty pants or other phrases that have other meanings as a donkey). But using social media, I know that 1 statement can be taken 6 different ways by 5 of my friends, so I tone it back and actually think of my words before I type them. (Really I do, although if there was a sarcasm font, I would probably find this quite helpful).Wireless Computer Mouse

So is this really causing a change? Or is this just being politically correct? Well I think it has actually been a change for me. Causing me to actually think about what I say before I say it (this does not always occur in person, but it is actually much more toned back in general, but get me around old influences and there is no promises of anything).

MP900405386Making this reflection about myself, caused me to realize there are at least three different types of people on social media, those that say nothing but watch what is going on around them, those that say whatever is on their mind regardless of how it might be taken (some I actually think are attempting to upset people) and those that might be thinking of their words. Granted that is generalizing quite a bit, but it has been where my thoughts have taken me.

Some may not feel that there are any redeeming qualities in social media, but I think at least for me, it has helped to put my words in prospective and maybe even taken the edge off them.